Ian Evans

Founder (Farmer)

Ian Evans is a fourth generation Brooklynite who is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Sustainability with a Minor in Health and Nutrition. He is an urban farmer who transformed his Brooklyn backyard into a permaculture garden space that has seven hens. He turned his love of nature and animals into a productive hobby. As well as having a background in volunteering for Habitat for Humanity and vocational training in plumbing and electrical maintenance. He is an intellectual who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. Ian works in food justice to address food deserts and do his part in reversing climate change.

Gabriela Miranda-Diaz

Communications Chief

Gabriela Miranda-Diaz, a Puerto Rican, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, has been an outspoken advocate for social and environmental equity since childhood. She has presented on these topics at various venues, including Medgar Evers College, CUNY and the American Museum of Natural History. Gabriela has conducted scientific research in Conservation Biology and Food Justice with the American Museum of Natural History and the Mellon Transfer Student Research Program at Brooklyn College. She has worked with the Wildlife Conservation Society as a docent/educator, and more recently, with the Environmental Education Program at Wave Hill Public Garden. Currently, she is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Communications in the CUNY BA program.


Farm dog

Part dog, part pig, part cow, Chichi is the perfect urban livestock guardian. She holds down the land with possibly a little bit too much enthusiasm. Regardless, she gets the job done.


The Ladies

COOP residents

BAWK BAWK is what people think when they interact with chickens but they're so much more. Chickens provide eggs and even meat for some people. They have the added benefit of being hards workers who are always scratching around looking for grub. The ladies turn food waste and other organic material into compost.


Feeding The Revolution

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