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Are you a New Yorker looking for a way to get farming experience without leaving the city? Join our team at YIMBY Farm and become a farm apprentice. Learn how to utilize every square inch of available green space to produce food; farm your backyard, start a community garden and plant food in underutilized lots around the city. Our program includes horticulture and animal husbandry. Students will learn how to care for chickens in an urban setting. They will also be involved in creating various kinds of insect farms. We envision a closed loop agriculture system that composts waste from local business and homes. By the end of the mentorship, students will be able to cultivate food in any available space in the city, including indoors and in apartment buildings. Participating in farm work and construction will give students life long skills that are applicable in the real world. Mentees must complete a total of 50* work hours and write a proposal for an urban farming project to earn an official certificate of completion. Students will work with their mentor to come up with individual work schedules.

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Urban Farming Apprenticeship