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  • Ian Evans

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Chickens are amazing creatures that have provided untold farmers for centuries. These birds might have wings but they still call their coop home. Chickens are essentially pigs with feathers and can eat pretty much anything humans eat besides citrus, onions, and junk food(we shouldn't be eating so much of this ether). Some people even feed their chickens 100% off of food waste, I would like to get to this point eventually but until that day I'll continue to supplement with grain. When spring brings us in the Northeast longer days egg season begins. Chickens can lay 5 eggs a week during the laying season. How could these birds get any better? Chickens can make compost for the garden as long as you add carbon(leaves, hay, wood chips, etc). The potential chickens for chickens in an urban setting are limitless as long as there is reciprocity between the community, environment, and the flock.

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  • Ian Evans

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Compost is natures way of reusing materials and cycling nutrients. It's about a balance between nitrogen and carbon. Nitrogen comes from food and animal waste, carbon comes from leaves, wood chips, and hay. Our current system takes yard waste and food waste puts them into a land fill. These materials are going to waste, here at YIMBY farm we hope to divert this "waste" and turn it into soil. Taking free yard waste in the form of leaves and grass clippings and adding it to the run of the chicken coop builds soil. This method of keeping chickens is a deep bedding method. This makes it easier to care for the animals because it removes the need for daily manure clean ups.

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