About Us

Committed to Education

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and learn something new? Welcome to YIMBY Farm, an interactive education hub where we strive to make agriculture and healthy food accessible to urban dwellers of all backgrounds. Our goal is to give the next generation of environmental stewards the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to  fight for food justice, express their  agency over environmental issues and advocate for their rights. Contact us for more!


        YIMBY Farms is dedicated to bring to security to future generation by providing an agricultural model. By say "Yes In My BackYard" you can take more control of your food system. Knowledge should not be a barrier to taking the food system back into your hands. We are offering workshops in Urban agriculture ranging from taking care of chicken to making compost for the garden.  


Urban Farm Design

       Are you trying to convert you backyard into an urban farm?  The YIMBY Farm team offers sustainable landscaping services, from building brick ovens to chicken coops; planting native species and edible crops; creating backyard ecosystems . When looking at an outdoor space our priority is to turn it into a productive space for food production as well as ecosystem services.  

Feeding The Revolution

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